Our Faith

In the name of Jesus Christ and our love for one another, are called to be a stewardship community wherein we:

“Pray for one another; feed, nurture, console each other through our loving, encouraging, and welcoming of all people, especially broken and separated members of our community."

Daily Mass / Misa Diariar

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Listen to Sunday mass at 12:00 noon on the radio 102.5 FM!

Escucha la misa domingo a las 12:00 pm (medio dia) 102.5 FM!


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Graduates Blessing
Bendicion de Graduantes

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Graduates Blessing Bendicion de Graduantes

Announcements / Anuncios

May 27, 2020

Sunday Mass Reflections / Reflecciones de la Misa de Domingo

April 8, 2020

Daily Scriptures / Escrituras del Día

December 1, 2017

Prayers / Oraciónes

August 16, 2018

Misa de Sanación

June 8, 2015

Mass Petitions / Peticiones del día

May 7, 2020

Adult Religious Education / Educación Religioso para adultos

October 19, 2015

CCD – Religious Education Center / Centro de Educación Religioso

May 15, 2015

Safe Environment Workshops / Talleres Ambiente Seguro

May 28, 2020

Patrons of the Church

August 16, 2018


December 14, 2018


August 26, 2015

Mission collections / Colectas de misiones